“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to Change the world” Nelson Mandela (Madison Park High School, Boston, 23 June 1990)

Join us this summer for an impacting and exciting experience with Robotics, Computer Coding and STEAM Education classes.

Highlights of this summer’s training includes:

Arduino Powered Robot

1. Drone Technology: How flying Robot can be remotely controlled or flown autonomously through software controlled flight plans in their embedded systems. We’ll be looking at the purposes, types and surveillance techniques, e.t.c.

Camera Drone

2. Digital Animation: Creating digitally generated animated images using computers via 2D and 3D graphics. We’ll be looking at character animation, computer generated imagery, and creativity skills.

3. KUBO Robot Coding: KUBO is a simple, intuitive solution that makes it easier for kids to be introduced to computer science and coding as young as four.


Other areas includes, space exploration, electronics principles and creative thinking to mention a few.

Simply visit any of our partner schools to enrol your kids this summer.

Summer class 2019

@Otiti-M Divine Academy: No.1 Miriam Ogoro Street off Opkanam Road. Asaba.

@Bellisima Boulevard Academy: 26, Dan Ngozi Iyio Street, off Jesus Saves Road. Asaba.

@Castle Green International school: No 2. Chris Igbenigun Street, G.R.A. Phase IV. Opkanam Road. Asaba.

For more information please Call 08032427790 or e-mail info@bigtinfotechsolutions.com

The world is rapidly changing and computer coding is becoming mandatory in schools globally!


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