Robotics4Kids AFRICA STEM Initative


The STEM acronym stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. All of these academic disciplines rely heavily on each other, and are highly integrated in the professional and academic world. For example, an engineer will apply scientific knowledge about the chemistry of materials, mathematics, computer simulations, and physics when designing a bridge.

The proposed training is intended to integrate the STEM fields through project-based learning. Students will be engaged by frequent hands-on activities geared towards combing each of the STEM disciplines. Creativity and collaboration will be encouraged as students solve problems. During the training projects would be handled, students will be presented with a challenge and taught how to solve them using STEM techniques. During this phase they must draw upon their knowledge of the scientific method and STEM disciplines, collaborate with peers, and apply their own creative process to find solutions to the problem. An emphasis will be placed on data collection, computer analysis and Robotics skills using computer programming software for modelling.