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Infant Jesus 2016 Class Video



The rationale behind the documentary video feature is part of our core Vision to shape and empower the future leaders. This would keep the teenage/ youthful memories and reminisce that they hold dear using captivating scripts to tell the story of the High School/ College years. Our goal is to ensure that tomorrow leaders are reminded of their heritage, thus ensuring they do not deviate from the legacies and impact the school had on them.
Our multimedia production team is committed and dedicated to providing a world-class media quality that would compliment each institution’s publicity efforts. We are at your becks and call always willing to work together to help actualize the Vision of your Institution.

The advantage of the unique and captivating documentary feature is to further reiterate the role the school plays towards capacity building of the students in various fields of professionalism. Amidst other benefits:

  • The graduating students would find it very educative expressing what they’ve learnt.
  • Increase publicity for the school by featuring the successes attained.
  • An outstanding documentary feature is a tool to reach out to parents about their wards. The impact achieved by this cannot be over emphasized.
  • The students would gain experience in the field of ICT, multimedia and publicity, as they would play various roles during pre-production and post-production.

Our difference:

  • We are a world-class multimedia production firm.
  • We implore current industry standards in video production. Our tools and devices are handled by a crop of professionals.
  • We ensure that the videos are viewed and publicized through Social media Channels and the Internet (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.).
  • Aside the school’s copy, each students gets a custom made Copy of the Documentary video as a souvenir from the school.
    It would also be made available online on our social media channels and Website. This ensures that the Documentary feature remains ever green in the minds of the students, parents, friends, and all who watches it.