Okeke Blessing

Training Facilitator

Okeke Blessing is the Training Facilitator at BigT Infotech, where she is responsible for designing, preparing and delivering trainings on ICT related tools to our partners and end users.
She has over 5 years of experience in the ICT trainings and computing. Blessing is a certified expert in the variety of ICT technologies including: Programming Cloud Computing and Web 3.0.

In her previous role at Pythoncodess ICT, Blessing was responsible for managing the company’s ICT trainings. She successfully implemented a new training solution that increased participation from all group members and also improve problem solving and creativity in the ICT group. Blessing is passionate about using technology to solve business and social problems and improve efficiency. She’s a strong advocate for ICT education and awareness.

In her spare time, Blessing enjoys socializing and networking. She’s an active member of her local community. Blessing is also passionate and committed to innovating and creating awareness amongst youths on the importance of ICT hence her recognition at the National ICT Awards.