Internet Solutions has emerged today as one of the leading areas of improving global reach. As a leading brand in IT Solution providers, we definitely recognize this.

Some of the Importance of having a web presence includes:

  • Reaching new markets with a global audience,
  • Worldwide exposure,
  • Improved customer service,
  • Selling your products and services online,
  • Great recruiting tool.

At BIGT InfoTech Solutions Limited we have custom made Websites templates. These templates are developed to strategically put You ahead in the online community. This gives you the required e-presence you deserve.

We have developed Websites such for Cooperate Organization (Geroge-Ann Chambers, Mid-West Bar Forum), Institutions (St. Charles College Onitsha), Hospitality Industries (LakeTown Hotel Asaba),  NGOs (Oduoma Club Nigeria), Companies, to mention the least.