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It was a disrupting Friday, having two speaking events in quick succession asides the usual office routine.

First, to commemorate World Telecommunications and Information Society Day, I was invited by the IHS Regional Headquarters in Asaba to speak on Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and its role in recent Technological Advancements at the company’s learning week.

Testimony Asiagwu

IHS is the largest independent tower operator in Europe, the Middle East and Africa by tower count and the third largest independent multinational tower company globally with over 24,000 towers.

With the recent launch of 5G (Unlimited Data Capacity), R&Ds in Machine Learning and Deep learning, you can bet there’s a whole lot of Technological Innovations in the pipeline. This was reiterated during His closing remarks at the I/O 2019 keynote last week, Jeff Dean, Google AI’s lead, noted that the company is looking at “AI that can work across disciplines.”

Testimony Asiagwu

The instant feedback was amazing. They said it was an interesting learning experience for them. I didn’t take this for granted, considering the fact that they were mostly managers in their respective departments.

Second was having to address a group of parents on our Robotics4Kids STEM Education Initiative, certainly the climate was different, seated were parents from various disciplines. I did my best to make them see reasons why Digital Skills are important in the 21st Century learning process. Critical thinking abilities, an innovative mindset, problem solving skills are simply results of learning the relevant Digital skills at a young age.

Addressing a cross-section of parents at Shekinah International School Asaba. Delta State. Nigeria.

I do hope that someday, we realize Nigeria is sitting on a ticking time bomb if we don’t embrace technological innovations, and fast. In the coming years, when our Oil becomes of little or no value, where do we turn to, how do we sustain our economy?

Meanwhile, if you’ll love to have the presentation slides, kindly drop your e-mail in the comment box.


@ Asaba, Nigeria

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