Huawei Just Unveiled The World’s First Smartphone-Driven Car:

The well-known giant Chinese smartphone manufacturer, of course, I am talking about Huawei who has become the first mobile device manufacturer in the world to use a smartphone with Artificial Intelligence (AI) functionality in driving a car.

The RoadReader project challenges the limits of object recognition technology, testing the learning, speed and performance capabilities of a smart smartphone.

Unlike other self-contained vehicles that do not require a driver and which simply detect obstacles.

The well-known giant Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei in a recent test added to one of these cars the power to “understand” the context around them.

This makes the smartphone able to distinguish up to 1,000 different objects, including an animal, a ball or a bicycle, and choose the most appropriate direction to prevent a collision.

The well-known giant Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei’s RoadReader project harnesses the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence where the use of the AI processor not only enables automatic recognition of objects but also simplifies the professional-quality shooting process of Huawei Mate 10 Pro.

Most stand-alone cars, currently under development, depending on the power of third-party processors. However, The well-known giant Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei continues to make the impossible possible. And has used the technology of one of its smartphones to demonstrate superior functionality and the ability to support even the most advanced technology, such as that of vehicles that drive autonomously.

“Our Huawei Mate 10 Pro is already great at recognizing objects and we wanted to study if, within a short period of time, we could teach you how to use AI capabilities to detect certain objects and learn how to avoid them.

If our technology is smart enough to achieve this in just 5 weeks, what else is possible?” said Andrew Garrihy, the Marketing Director of the well-known giant Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei.

The well-known giant Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei will present the RoadReader project and the capabilities of Mate 10 Pro in a two-day event at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

Guests will be challenged to test this new technology inside an autonomous car for that purpose, “teaching” them to identify and circumvent certain objects.


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