The news of LIONHeart’s disqualification from the Oscars filtered in today.
When it got Nigeria’s nomination, I knew we weren’t going to get the medals for LIONHeart.

A simple litmus test on what measures up to Oscar’s standard is to review films that had won the world’s most coveted movie awards. In my opinion, Kemi Adetiba’s KING of BOYS might not have won, but I can assure you, it would have made it a lot more farther.

So what qualities are considered when screening a movie for the Oscars?
How do you get movies onto Netflix and iTunes?
How can you leverage on the power of New Media and Digital Technology in film production?

The answers to this and other related questions would form the crux of my discussion at the Annual Benin City Film Festival from November 6-9, 2019. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on Netflix and how to leverage the future of online movie streaming. You don’t want to miss this.

Meanwhile, congratulations to Genevieve Nnaji, being nominated for the Oscars is a big feat in itself.

If you’ve seen Kemi’s KING of BOYS and Genevieve’s LIONHeart, please by all means kindly share your thoughts on both great movies.


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